Newly Discovered 1984 Photo of Yasui, Korematsu, Hirabayashi by Bob Hsiang

From Bob Hsiang:

I made a startling discovery in my archives tonight. a roll of film I shot 34 years ago. This is a still from the premiere of Steven Okazaki’s “Unfinished Business” at NAATA Film Festival, S.F. (now known as CAAM). It is a documentary “which centered on Min Yasui, an attorney from Oregon, Gordon Hirabayashi, a Quaker college student in Washington, and Fred Korematsu, a San Francisco welder and how their lives were affected by Japanese American internment during World War II.” Here is Min Yasui speaking to the audience that evening as Gordon Hirabayashi and Fred Korematsu are in seated to the right. The negatives are very rough and need to be cleaned and restored however, It will take several days to clean them up, hence the dust spots.

This photo is copyrighted and cannot be used in commercial applications nor in third party productions.