‘Formerly Incarcerated Japanese Americans Organize a Protest Against Family Separation at the Border’

The Crystal Lake Pilgrimage will be taking place on the morning of March 30. The former incarcerees will tour the site and a Buddhist priest from San Francisco and a Catholic nun from San Antonio will offer blessings to those who died there.

Then, the group will join hundreds of others for a protest at the detention center starting at 2pm. The group has asked for people to make and send 10,000 paper cranes (and have already received about twice that many), symbols of hope and peace, which they will hang on the fence around the detention center.

The event will feature taiko drummers and speakers, including former incarcerees from Crystal City and young people who were brought to the United States without papers when they were children, and are under the immigration policy Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which the Trump administration has tried to phase out.

Read more of the article by Emily Wilson on hyperallergic.com.

Here’s some photos featured in the article: