Karen Korematsu, Dale Minami at 50th Manzanar Pilgrimage

Dale Minami and Karen Korematsu will be among the featured speakers at the “50th Manzanar Pilgrimage: An Enduring Legacy for Civil Rights,” a weekend event starting Friday, April 26, at the Eastern California Museum in Independence, Calif., and continuing at the Manzanar National Historic Site.

The program will be emceed by former Assemblymember Warren Furutani, one of the founders of the Manzanar Pilgrimage and the Manzanar Committee, and writer/artist traci kato-kiriyama.

The Manzanar Committee’s 50th annual pilgrimage ceremony begins at noon on April 27 at the Manzanar Cemetery. UCLA Kyodo Taiko will kick off the event with traditional taiko drumming at 11:30 a.m., followed by the procession of camp banners at noon.

All activities are free and the public is welcome. Learn more at manzanarcommittee.org.



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